Wildflower Farm

Acres of stunning wildflowers are now a familiar sight at both Inglenook and Fir tree Farms, St.Helens Merseyside, with the development of Landlife Wildflowers Ltd at both sites. Landlife’s project site at Inglenook Farm, Rainford, St Helens is also supported by St Helen’s Metropolitan Borough Council and Knowsley Hall Estates.

The farm brings our wildflower fields to one stunning location, making them more efficient to grow and harvest, and providing a fantastic new nature, education and tourism resource for people in St.Helens, the Northwest and for our visitors nationally.

Wildflowers are essential to wildlife and the farm will enable us to supply a living seedbank for the growing regional and national markets in new landscape creation in response to climate change and declining biodiversity.The National Wildflower Farm is the ideal site for Landlife Wildflowers Ltd, highly visible and easily accessible. We also use the farm for some of our project work researching sustainable landscapes and engaging people with them. The wildflowers are all species in decline in the wild and the new habitat and food sources they provide will create better places for wildlife to flourish.

Marsh Harrier and Merlin hunt over the wildflower fields, and 20 pairs of Grey Partridge have been counted on former potato areas. Breeding Brown Hares have been recorded, along with Water Voles.

A BBC programme has been recorded at Fir Tree farm with subsequent requests for location access by a number of artists and photographers.