Posted on 8th December, 2016




The National Wildflower Centre1. finances have been increasingly challenging during this time of continuing austerity and it is with great sadness that its Trustees have decided to wind down all business operations by February 2017.

During these challenging times Trustees and staff are exploring with partners opportunities to secure a legacy for the National Wildflower Centre that sustains its valuable activities, assets and values including the:

• Creative conservation that has demonstrated the value of restoring wild places for people and nature;

• Trail blazing community projects such as Great Outdoors & Tale of Two Cities promoting the value of wildflowers & green spaces for health and wellbeing in Knowsley, Liverpool, Manchester and beyond;

• Inspiring wildflower meadow displays providing a valuable connection to nature;

• Wildflower seed business.

• Award-winning buildings which house the Cornflower Café, a welcoming place to relax and unwind, and conference facilities.

Trustees are supporting its valued staff through this difficult time whether they wish to find work elsewhere, establish their own social enterprise or take a well-earned rest!


Established in 1975, the National Wildflower Centre is a pioneer of creative conservation with a great track record in establishing new wildflower meadows and landscapes for the benefit of people and wildlife, often in areas with the greatest social and environmental justice demands. The National Wildflower Centre’s approach has been highly innovative, its techniques delivering and informing the recreation of our wildlife through rewilding projects throughout the UK and beyond.

Our work in creative conservation, often using art and culture to enthuse and engage people, has touched the lives of countless people over the years and the reputation of the National Wildflower Centre’s inspirational work stretches across the globe and is changing attitudes in some of the World’s fastest growing cities.

The National Wildflower Centre was opened in Court Hey Park, Knowsley in 2001 as a Millennium project to celebrate our natural wildflower heritage and cultural connections to nature.

If you have any questions please contact: Tony Jones, Chief Executive Officer, National Wildflower Centre, Court Hey Park, Knowsley L16 3NA 0151 737 1819.     

1. The trading name of Landlife, the charity, and Landlife Wildflowers, the trading company.