The National Wildflower Centre is a small independent environmental charity. We rely on grants and public support to remain open so we need your help to carry on delivering our environmental message.

Bee on Field Scabious Wildflower

You could leave the World a Lasting Gift:

Your gift could help us continue the work of the National Wildflower Centre. In the years that we have been open to the public, we have

Planted 15,000 Bluebell bulbs

Welcomed 800 schools and 33,000 schoolchildren

Created 28 jobs on site

Sown 60,000 poppy seeds

Won 23 awards

Run 1500 workshops enabling the public to learn about and enjoy the environment

Explorer Tuesday Family Workshop

Your gift is invaluable to us. For just £5 per month (or whatever you can afford no matter how small), you could ensure that the work we are doing continues, you could be helping so many people appreciate the beauty and peace that a small patch of nature can bring.

By leaving a legacy in your will, you could help people and children to continue to enjoy the beauty of the natural environment for years to come, you could be giving a gift that grows from generation to generation, a gift of knowledge and a sense of belonging that is priceless.

For more information about donating by direct debit on a monthly basis, or remembering us in your will, please contact Gill Watson on 0151 737 1819 or email 

Please also ask about our Memory Wall. 


Our regular Volunteer Programme is currently full but we do have opportunities for special projects and 'work days'. Please call or email us for more information.